Na-oogst Tobacco (Cigar tobacco) has been the lifeline of our company ever since its existence since the early 1950's. Over the years we have developed an extensive knowledge of Na-Oogst Tobacco that allows us to distinguish ourselves with the highest quality products.


The coffee we produce is high quality Robusta coffee gathered from 5 different locations, all with their own, unique character. This unique character from each of our five plantations mainly comes from the variation in temperature, rain fall, altitude and processing method.
In addition to the Robusta coffee, we are also offering Arabica Coffee beans from different locations across the Besuki region. The distinctive taste of the Besuki Arabica beans is a sensation you will find nowhere else but here.


The rubber sheets we offer are of a constantly very high quality, collected from our own plantations.

Other Commodities

Over the years we have tried, and experimented with a range of different commodities to grow on our land. We have learned and perfected the cultivation of commodities, such as cloves, sengon wood and cocoa.