PT. Ledokombo is a dedicated company with a rich history.
Over the last 64 years we have gained the experience and knowledge to offer our clients the high quality products that we offer to this day, and we will continue to learn and to develop to keep doing so in the future.


PT. Ledokombo is a family owned company established in Jember, East-Java on 18 July 1951 by Mr. Liem Ing Gwan, a second generation Chinese immigrant looking to build a future in East-Java. His goal was to build a company from which the whole family, including future generations, could benefit from.

Back then, the company was still known as "PT. Lim Sen". It was one of the first companies in East-Java to export Besuki Na-Oogst Tobacco to Europe, Latin-America and The United States. Besides exporting tobacco Liem Ing Gwan managed several plantations in the Besuki region, cultivating coffee and rubber.

In 1960, PT. Lim Sen changed its name into PT. Ledokombo (or PT. LDO), by which it is known until today. Liem Ing Gwan's sons were of age by that time, and started working in the company as well. With the help of his sons, Liem Ing Gwan managed to expand the company to great heights in the decades to come. Now, four generations further, PT. Ledokombo is still one of Jember's most recognized companies. The story and history of the company is a legacy we will pass on to many generations to come.